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Lunch N Learn (New Webinar Link) - Shared screen with speaker view
Joyce Lopes
Thank you for joining us today! If you have any questions for our presenters, Sarah & Sislena, type them in the chat or the Q&A.
Joyce Lopes
We will post the resource guide on the website.
Clarissa Mansfield she/her/hers
In thinking about the importance of using intentional language, several of you have mentioned that we have moved out of the pandemic and are moving into an endemic, “post-pandemic” period. Are you saying that the pandemic is over, and does that mean Western is now operating as though the COVID-19 pandemic has ended?
Clarissa Mansfield she/her/hers
Also, while I appreciate the reference to how using the phrase “back to normal” is problematic, I want to clarify that for many, it’s not problematic because “we haven’t yet gotten back to normal”—it’s problematic because “normal” was a problematic premise to begin with—“normal” as a concept needs to be examined and disrupted. Many who are marginalized by what was once considered to be “normal” have no desire to go “back to normal” ever again. Are you able to talk a little bit about that perspective?
Greg Hough
sislena can't hear you very well?
Renee Gayden She/her/hers
Can you speak to the disconnect between actual work culture and the kinds of messages that we are hearing today? I don't really see a shift in the way work culture functions even though there is so much talk about important things like communities of care and self-care
Emily Ackerland, WWU
I hear you, Renee . Our caretakers are getting tired