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Intentional Reopening Q&A with L&I Consultation Manager - Shared screen with speaker view
Kevin Hoult
Visit the WWU SBDC website:https://sbdc.wwu.edu/Request informationsbdc@wwu.edu
Kevin Hoult
Presenter's phone 425-290-1369
David Proebstel
State of Washington to comply with President's Get back to work order? DOSH compliance?
Kevin Hoult
@David Proebstel, could you clairify your question?
David Proebstel
More specifically industries like meat plants. WA provide safety requirements that federal government is not requiring
Kevin Hoult
Thank you, David P
Jordan Wendland
Can these links be posted in the chat?
Kevin Hoult
The whole presentation will be emailed out after the webinar
Constance Shannon
How can a business best respond to employee who fails /refuses to comply with COVID measures put in place by the management?
Tracy Weeks
in construction/remodeling, are employees required to wear PPE while working outside and keeping safe distance? we have asked our clients what they think and have read OSHA and it appears we can maybe caution tape off a work site to prevent crossing paths between clients and employees.
Ken bothman
are exhaust hoods factored into six feet distancing for restaurant cook lines? there is a calculable amount of air being exchanged.
Emmanuelle Meade
I read that we have to monitor the health of our employees by taking their temp in the morning before they start work. Is this true?
Carolyn Saletto
in my industry, wearing a mask at times can present a safety issue for my athletes. How do I balance physical safety of my athletes vs keeping a safe environment from Covid?
Cheryl Persse
What is the current rule for employee breakrooms? Are they allowed to be open under the current COVID rules?
Kathy Bastow
How will LNI be handling claims related to COVID? Since i's probably difficult to tell where the exposure started.
Alicia Rule
does the employee have hippaa protections for their health issues?
Carolyn Saletto
How long does LnI anticipate that we will need to continue these practices, Ex.-temp of employees, Covid supervisor, etc...
Sherri Daymon
Are the governor’s rules around occupancy only for customers or a combination of employees + customers?