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David Sattler
Thank you, Chyerl!!!
Cindy Monger
Thank you for so many years at WWU Chyerl!
Kathryn Patrick (she/her)
Chyerl, I am glad I have been able to get to know you at least during these meetings. Best wishes!
Jenn Cook (she/hers)
I am receiving a lot of questions from clubs about meeting or hosting events between now and Jan 24. Do you have a message that you'd like me to pass along? Is there an expectation that we move meetings and events online for the time being? Thank you
Adam Lorio
Additional Vaccine Clinic dates: Jan 21st, 26th at the VU and Feb 4th hosted by Housing at ACG, details and links(extra checked, I promise) for registration will be shared by WWU email as soon as available, should be ready by end of week.
Cynthia Sandstrom (she/hers)
Is there any talk of providing the CDC recommended N95/KN95 to staff and students?
Whitney Morrison she/her(s)
If high case counts are expected to continue for 3-4 weeks, should we plan to teach and learn virtually for that extent of time?
Ruth Sofield
David - can you speak to how children are being affected - specifically thinking about under 5 (not vaccine eligible). Are they a bigger percent of hospital visits than before. I'm thinking this is relevant for parents on campus.
Andrea Rodger WA (WWU)
K-N95 masks on Marketplace in COVID catalog for front facing /frontline employees and students. Contact Procurement if any questions thanks
Regarding KN95 a message from Marketplace came out this morning and they are available to order
Britta Eschete
I've heard that several of the extension sites have prohibited use of cloth masks, do you see a recommendation coming from WWU main campus regarding cloth or other mask types?
If a face-to-face environment was considered high risk for students and we have pivoted to an on-line modality why is the same recommendation not made for staff at WWU?
Thank you Raquel.
Sharon Colman
Is a 2-layer cloth mask with an insert pocket for a PM2.5 carbon filter equivalent in protection level to a surgical mask?
Janai Symons
Do students qualify for the COVID leave time? My student worker has COVID.
Since students aren't attending classes in person, are the offices that would normally staffed by student workers able to close or reduce their hours?
Stephen Magnuson(He/Him/His)
Based on new guidance, can we hear more on why staff do not need to quarantine for 5 days with known exposure but students are required to? Bit confused on this guidance especially for student staff.
Peter Thut (he/him/his)
Yes. What group do student employees follow with regards to quarantine rules?
Andreas Riemann
Do you think the classroom is a place where spread is/was/will happen, considering everybody is wearing a mask the whole time? What about dining halls or the gym which are still open?
Did I miss the response to my question regarding WWU staff and their safety during these next couple of weeks? Why would we not issue a blanket recommendation that we all work from home? Did this get addressed and I missed it? Was the response about individual Superviors and employees reaching an agreement was the answer?
Jenn Cook (she/hers)
I think the question was about where exposure is being seen - classrooms vs dining halls, gyms, etc - where is the most threat of exposure exactly?
Ruby Casiano (she/her/hers)
I missed this at the beginning of the meeting - will the upcoming Vaccine clinics be for student/staff or both?
Clarissa Mansfield she/her/hers
Are there any plans for Western to alter our current masking requirements to require the use of surgical masks instead of cloth masks? Also, can you talk a little bit about the ASTM level ratings of surgical masks, what the differences are in the three different levels, and what the rating is for the masks Western is providing?
Andrea Rodger WA (WWU)
To answer last piece of question on what is currently available on Marketplace KN95s for front line staff and student employees and level 1 disposal non surgical masks.
Cindy Monger
The most recent sequencing numbers that I have seen was 28 Omacron and 68 Delta. Should people in Whatcom County be aware that it might not be the possibly milder Omacron?
Ruby Casiano (she/her/hers)
Thanks Adam!!
Emily Ackerland, WWU
How can employees protect their immunocompromised family members or children who aren't of vaccination age?
Abdul Wahab Derwish
do we have testing a center available? What is the cost for each test?
Emily Ackerland, WWU
Can you address concerns that current CDC guidelines are motivated by economic concerns more than a concern for life?
Heather Dalberg
I'm sick with Covid - I have no idea if I have Delta or Omicron. I don't need to be hospitalized, I was fully boosted before I got it. I was supposed to return to work today, but I am still symptomatic, with sweating all the time, runny nose, persistent coughing, and now my ears are plugged up and head fog, total fatigue. I can't figure out how to get better or what to expect, not sure if knowing which one I have would help but it is hard to tell why I am sick longer than I was expected to be.
Luke Mason
Do we have a threshold number for an official COVID outbreak where exempt folk can't be on campus? Sorry for the late COVID question
Lea Aune
Information regarding the voluntary employee testing program can be found on this webpage: https://hr.wwu.edu/voluntary-employee-testing-program
Jean Melious
So sorry that you're still sick, Heather. I am concerned that the repeated message that breakthrough covid is "just like a cold" does not reflect the experience of many people who have been quite ill, but not to the point of hospitalization.
Tracey Bertels
That's what I've found too, Jean. A number of people I know who caught covid after 2 shots and a booster, have been very ill. Like Heather. Sorry you're so sick, Heather!
Clarissa Mansfield she/her/hers
Want to echo Jean's and Tracy's comments and express support and concern for Heather and to others who may be sick and struggling right now.
Sheri Thompson-Alvarez
Can you tell us again where to view the daily incident log?
Heather Poellot (she/her)
Peter Thut (he/him/his)
COVID like symptoms from allergies mean staff can't come to work??
Sheila (she/her)
The isolation from our WWU friends and colleagues has cracked a sense of community in a lot of ways. So many people have retired and/or quit in the last two years who just seem to disappear. I, too, hope you start feeling better soon Heather.
Ruby Casiano (she/her/hers)
Thank you all for holding these meetings and fielding our questions.
Heather Dalberg
Thanks everyone, I'm trying to just keep sleeping and putting vitamins and healthy food, water, Gatorade type drinks. Exhausting.
Thank you Joyce, As my unit more resembles BFA I will follow your lead and send an email out to my staff.
John Kingsford-Smith
Hate it when that happens!
Clarissa Mansfield she/her/hers
You mentioned that questions will be answered later even if there is not time for them now, so just dropping a few more here—thank you!How are operational decisions being made at Western at this time? Is there still an Incident Management Team at WWU? Or is there a different group? Does that group include any student representation?If employees have additional questions or concerns about their health and safety or about the risks and impacts to others because of the current surge and the ongoing pandemic, who should they reach out to? Where can they go, (in addition to this forum and their supervisors), to ask their questions? Is there a structure for employees to provide feedback, information, or ideas to whichever group is currently making operational decisions for Western during COVID? Thank you again for hosting these events. Having a venue for asking questions is really important and appreciated.
Heidi Ling
Enjoy the next phase of life - thanks so much Chyerl!!
Margo Hammond, she/her, WWU HR
Thank you Chyerl!
Tara Terry
You'll be greatly missed, Chyerl!
Leonard Jones
Housing and Dining are incorporating remote as we can reasonably do with 3,700 students residing on campus.
Heather Dalberg
thank you Chyerl!!
Nancy Phillips
The recording will be posted to the HR webpage as quickly as possible.
Cynthia Sandstrom (she/hers)
Happy Retirement!
Abdul Wahab Derwish